About Us

Laser Medical Solutions is a brand of Laser Wire Solutions. Laser Medical Solutions is the device manufacturing side of the business whereas Laser Wire Solutions is primarily focused on the manufacture of innovative wire stripping machinery.

Laser Medical Solutions is a leading supplier of laser processed components with a particular focus on wire and tubing.  We have leveraged our decades of laser experience with our specialist wire handling capability to offer a dedicated outsource service for medical device wiring.

We can support you at every stage of your medical device manufacturing journey. 

  • Initial R&D - we can help you with rapid turnaround samples to develop the basic concepts for your device
  • PQ samples - we can support  you with short runs to build sample devices for testing and FDA / CE marking requirements
  • Volume production - you can leverage our expertise to ensure your supply of component parts. In house manufacture may feel like the safe option, but unless you have a depth of knowledge of the process and how the equipment works, spread among many individuals - you are possibly leaving yourself at risk. Outsourcing to Laser Medical Solutions guarantees your supply chain and gives you peace of mind.
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